by Don Ralston

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Anatra DS Anatral

Kit: Omega (1:48)

This is the Omega 1/48 Resin Anatra DS Anatral Reconnaissance Aircraft Kit in the colours of the Soviet Workers and Peasants Air Force 1917. The decals are by Blue Rider with the serial nos. done on an inkjet.The resin kit itself is basically good,but some things need correction.

I used a profile in WWI as a template for colours and markings.

Mosca MBis

Kit: Omage (1:48)

The Omega 1/48 Mosca MBbis is a simple resin kit with PE parts. Some of the resin parts were so fine that they broke whilst bein g cut off the fret and had to be replaced by brass wire. The Mosca MBbis, of which about 15 were built, had a variety of imported engines and a fixed M/G that fired over the top of the propellor.

The wings and tailplane could be folded to simplify transportation. The model depicts it in that mode. The underwing bracing wires were rolled in hanks. THe upper wires appear to have remained attached to the mast. Unfortunately the available photos ('Russian Aeroplanes 1914-1918') do not show how the wings were attached for transportation, so they are just stuck onto the fuselage in the correct position. I tried to think how they would store the upper bracing wires, and guessed they just dropped them into the cockpit to keep them out o the way.

As it was pretty cold out there, I gave the model a thin sprinkling of snow. I thought of making a diorama out of it, but didn't have the time (or any Russian figures).

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