Post War Aircraft
by Don Ralston

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Avro 504K Wing Walker

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

This is the Blue Max 1/48 Avro 504K in the livery of The Cornwall Aviation Co. Ltd which flew Joy-rides and Exhibition Flying with Sir Alan Cobham’s Air Display in the early 1930’s. It incorporates a ‘ghostly’ Wing-walker preparing for a display.

I flew on a joy-ride in a 504K with Alan Cobham’s Air Circus in around 1935, possibly this one, as I understand from Colin Cruddas (Sir Alan’s biographer) that this was the 504K most used in the displays.

The rear cockpit has been extended to have a bench seat at the back. The aircraft was painted Humbrol Signal Red with Bare Metal panels. The wires are nylon fishing line painted black with Eduard turnbuckles. The lettering was done on an HP inkjet printer

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