by Don Ralston

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Kammerer's Pfalz D XII

Kit: Copper State Models (1:48)

Pfalz DXII flown by Ltn. Max Kammerer, Jasta 35, 1917. Pegasus and kit decals. CSM prop, boss and instruments

Pfalz DIII Triplane

Kit: SMER Conversion/Eduard (1:48)

This is the Eduard Pfalz DIII kit with the SMER Triplane conversion. Finish is Mr Kit Pfalz Silbergrau and Aluminium. The conversion, though fragile went together quite smoothly.

Pfalz E.1

Kit: JMGT (1:48)

Pfalz E.1 of the Bavarian Air Service. Nice kit, pity they didn't make other OT models. Americal Gryphon decals, CSM prop and boss.

Berthold's Pfalz D.IIIa

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

is is the Eduard 1/48 Pfalz DIIIa flown by Hauptmann Rudolf Berthold, CO of Jagdgeschwader II. Pretty well straight OOB with CSM prop and boss. Painted in Mr Kit paints.

Harald Auffart's Pfalz D.VIII

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the Tom's Modelworks 1/48 Pfalz DIII Resin Pfalz DVIII of Harald Auffahrt, Jasta 29. Normally having a 4-bladed prop, it is here shown with 2 x single bladed Axial props bolted together(courtesy of CSM), saving in production time, packing & shipping space. The colours are Mr Kit Jasta yellow and Humbrol Grass Green.

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