by Don Ralston

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Two Fokker D.VIIs

Kit: Roden & DML (1:48)

These are two 1/48 Fokker D VII's. One is the Roden Fokker DVII(OAW) of Gefreiter Wilhelm Scheutzel, Jasta 65 decorated with the 'Sieben Schwabien' and the Wurttenberg Coat of Arms. The figures are by Jager and CMK. This is a nice kit enabling the engine to be displayed. The second is the Fokker DVIIF DML kit in Rittmeister Oblt. Herman Goering's all white livery having its paint touched up as I'm sure Goering would have insisted. Both models have CSM handcarved props and Eduard instruments.

Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Revell (1:28)

This was the first OT model that I built. Had never heard of Windsock or the Datafiles. The finish was based on the model in the Science Museum and in 'Triplanes, Biplanes and Seaplanes' - with metal cowl and blue undersurfaces. Still it does have a Marty Digmayer prop from CSM and CSM Spandaus and instruments. As there were few other 1/28 kits around, I went on to the only true scale of 1/48. This gave me much more choice.

Joseph Jacobs' Fokker Dr.I

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is the DML 1/48 Fokker Dr.1 Triplane of Joseph Jacobs. The decals are from the kit and went on a real treat. As he was a flamboyant character, I thought he might have had special leather for the cockpit surrounds and seat, so I did it in crimson, brushed with a black wash to give patina. The prop is from CSM/Marty Digmayer.

Richtoven's Dr.I

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is the DML 1/48 Fokker DR.1 of MvR, JG 1. Mr Kit paints and CSM props and boss. The Beer Stein I found in Munich and the 'Blue Max' replica was bought on eBay.

Fokker D.V

Kit: Copper Stae Models (1:48)

This is CSM's Fokker D.V, Fighter Trainer, 1917. I couldn't face remelling out the cockpit, so I stuck a 'ghost' pilot in it. Mr. Kit paints, CSM prop and boss.


Kit: Eduard (1:48)

The well represented Fokker DVIII of Jasta 6, 1918. This was the first 1/48 OT model I ever made.

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