by Don Ralston

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Dufaux C.1

Kit: Omega (1:48)

One of the most imaginative (if not the most practical) ways of carrying a forward firing gun was the Dufaux C.1 which had the engine close to the CofG. The engine was connected to the prop by a hollow shaft through which the control cables passed. This tube connected to two star-shaped steel structures on either half of the fuselage.

The kit is well cast resin with some PE. It was relatvely easy to put together. The kit decals however shattered and were replaced by A/G decals from stock.

Moraine Saulnier Type 'N'

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the original Eduard 1/48 Moraine Saulnier Type 'N' Scout of Escadrille MS12, 1915. Finish is Mr. Kit French CDL and Flag Reg with aluminium wear and tear. Prop from Marty Digmayer via CSM.


Kit: DML (1:48)

This is the DML 1/48 Spad XIII of Adj. Jacques Roques, SPA 48, 1917. The finish is Mr. Kit French CDL and beige, with prop and bosses from CSM.

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