by Don Ralston

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Bristol M.1c

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

This is the Blue Max 1/48 Bristol M.1c (injection) of No, 150 Squadron, Salonika, Summer 1918 (C4192). The kit went together very well, needing little filler. The mast and undercarraige were replaced by brass Strutz. Paints are Revell enamel and the instruments and seat belts by Eduard. The wicker seat is by PART. Photos showed a lot of stitching around the cockpit and tail unit, I used PART WWI Stitching for this.

Bristol Scout C

Kit: Gavia (1:48)

This is the Gavia 1/48 Bristol Scout 'C; of RNAS Eastchurch in November 1915. It has a Lewis gun mounted at 30 degrees to avoid hitting the prop.

Aeroclub 1/48 Bristol F2b Fighter

Kit: Aeroclub (1:48)

This is the Aeroclub 1/48 Bristol F2b Fighter in the colours of 'A' Flight, 20 Army Co-operation Squadron stationed in India in 1925. It incudes Cooper bombs and a spare wheel in case of a forced landing. Did this as my father served with 20 Squadron at this time and his Warrant Card is also shewn. Thanks to Bob Pearson for the colouring. NB the serial number is of the Duxford machine.

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