Austro-Hungarian Model Images
by Don Ralston

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Albatros C III

Kit: Aurora (1:48)

Albatros C III on the Austro-Hungarian Front, Unit Unknown,1916. Americal/Gryphon 'Autumn Leaf' decals, CSM prop and boss, Eduard instruments

Aviatik-Berg D.I

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

Aviatik-Berg D.I Fighter, Flik unknown, 1916. Americal/Gryphon plus kit Decals. Model has got a bit aincient and battered by now.

Aviatik D.II

Kit: Karaya (1:48)

This is the Austro-Hungarian Aviatik DII (U-Berg) 39.01 in Summer-leaf camo in 1917.(The 'U' =Unverspannt=Wireless). During Flight trials this plane acheived 217 km/hr making it the fastest A-H fighter. The DII was an interesting high-performance project, not considered for production.

The kit was beautifully moulded in resin with some PE parts. The kit decals were very thin, so I replaced them with A/G decals (apart from the serial no.). The Summer-leaf pattern was also A/G. Although the wheel struts were re-inforced with wire, they were not very substantial, so they were replaced with Strutz material. The prop was from CSM.

Hansa Brandenberg W.29

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

This is the Flashback 1/48 Brandenberg W29 Floatplane flown by Oblt. z S Christiansen. It is probably my worst model to date. The struts were all up the shoot and the decals kept splitting. I got frustrated with it, and couldn't wait to get it finished. I include it just for the record.

Lohner B.II

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

This is the CSM 1/48 Austro-Hungarian Lohner BII Series 12, Reconnnaissance Flik 5, Autumn 1915. A very nice kit, but the wire wheels were messy - so added 'mud' to fill in the 'cracks between the two halves of the tyres. Also added a CSM wooden prop and Aeroclub Schwartzelose M/G on the portside observer's cut out

Pfalz A.1

Kit: HR Models (1:48)

This is the HR Models Resin Kit of a Pfalz A.1 of Bavarian Field-Flieger-Abteilung 9b, at Tolbach in the Austrian Alps. It has simulated Austro-Hungarian markings on the fuselage and under the wings for bombing raids into Italy. The finish is Grey Green with Mr. Kit Austro-Hungarian Flag colours and Americal Gryphon A-H Decals. The upper wing rib stripes are Americal/Gryphon 1/48 decals, but would look more to scale if they had been 1/72

Etrich Taube

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

These are photos of the Flashback 1/48 Etrich Taube in its early warpaint. The decals are Americal/Gryphon, the finish is Mr. Kit's Italian Light CDL and the prop is from CSM/Marty Dygmaer. Rigging is .006 Nylon fishing line painted Xtracolor Burnt Steel. I chickened out from putting all the turnbuckles on.

The Taube had partially bare ribs on the underside of the wings and tailplane; I used Americal/Gryphon rib decals to simulate these.

WDF D1 Series 85

Kit: Alliance (1:48)

WDF D1 Series 85 Fighter of the Austro-Hungarian Airforce in 1918. Americal/Gryphon 'Summer Leaf' decals, CSM prop and boss, Eduard instruments. A straightforward OOB build that went together well.

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