Allied Aircraft
by Graham Rainey

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Nieuport 11

Kit: SMER (1:48)

SMER 48 scale Nieuport 11 kit. Alot of scraping, scratching, thinning, readjustment, scribing etc. scratch gun and gun mount. addition of struts for the horizontal stabilizers, gun sighting ring under forward wing. hand painted, decals as is from the SMER kit. I just like the colour scheme and to be honest this was an impulse purchase at a local hobby store. I know next to nothing about the pilot who flew this. I build these kits as a tonic to the wonderful but sometimes mind bogglingly complex newer kits. With these older kits it almost like getting a block of wood and just carving. It's simple honest fun.

Sopwith Triplane

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Early nineties boxing of the Eduard 48 scale Sopwith Triplane profipack. This was a lotta fun to build if at times fiddly esp with those mid wing attachments. I love the detail in the cockpit most of which can't be seen and the engine was nice too. my additions are replacement of kit axle with a length of brass bent to represent the split axle. also pitot tube with wiring leading to cockpit and also wiring from the little wind generator thing (anenometer?). Weathering with Tamiya weathering products.

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