Alberto Rada's Allied Models

I am including some photos I took to the Spin Ansaldo SVA 5 I just Finished. The model is made by Spin models, and it is an Ansaldo SVA 5 scale is 1/48

I am enclosing some photos on the Hippo Models 1/48 Macchi M5 I have just finished, The original aeroplane, is to my liking, one of the most beautiful of WW I, and Hippo has rendered a very nice kit very much within original measurements. Some modifications where made mainly within the cockpit as the instrument panel should be fitted on the right ( port ) side, so to be able to fit the Fiat Cannnoncino, also inspection panels should be opened on the upper fuselage as well as the motor's casing side walls. All this was done thanks to the original Aeromacchi plans obtained by the efforts of Franco Poloni.

I am also sending some photos of this model to Navis, this is a pay site basically on Marine Modeling organized by Paolo Pizzi, as we have also chatted about this model.

I am sending you hereby some photos of the Aeroclub 1/48 Royal Aircraft Factory Re 8 Finished a short time ago ( seems that all of us are finishing up kits ) It was fundamental for its completion the two articles on Aero by Alberto Casirati, obtained via some good friends on this list.

Some photos I took of an Eduard 1/48 kit on the Morane Saulnier Type L, (MS 356) late 1916 , I finished some months ago.

Aeroclub 1/48 FE2b 6248 Zanzibar No. 1 / The Scotch Express

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