Siemens Schuckert D.III
by Bill Powers

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To the basic TOKO kit, I added new landing gear struts, complete interior, scratch built engine and carved wooden propeller. The kit scales out to match the plans in Scale Models article by Harry Woodman and the Wylam plans. Only the spinner is too small in diameter.

The engine was built to the plans in Wylams book. Each cylinder pot was turned to shape then glued to a new crankcase. The fuel intake was added in the back of each cylinder. The rocker arms/pushrods are bent 3 thousand brass rod. There is a large brass rod passing through the center of the crancase for mounting to the firewall and for attachment of the propeller. The cowling was gound out on the inside until paper thin to accomodate the engine. The engine frame piece was sanded thinner. After all this work, I left off the spinner so the engine could be seen. There is a photo in Windsock of a DIII or IV without the spinner.

The propeller is laminated veneer carved to shape. The kit prop is just not correct and can't be corrected.

The landing gear is brass rod with bent paper glued for the streamlining wood pieces.

Interior has tubing framework, instruments, etc. You name it, it's there! Used Woodmans' photos and Wylams plans as a guide.

Guns are Rosemont's with the cooling jacket replaced by Eduard's photoetched set for Spandaus. I highly recommend both.

The center cabane struts should lean more away from the fuselage, about 1/8" each side. The wing struts were trimmed to fit after the wing was glued to the cabane struts. if you don't move the cabane struts, the interplane stuts may be too short.

Painted to match a photo in Ospery's book of Jasta 14's DIII and DIV's. Aeromaster four color lozenge decal with 120 rib tapes!!!!!! I made a jig to insure proper alignment, but the kits molded ribs are in the correct position! Kit markings. Rigged with fly tying thread.

Great kit!

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