Allied Model Images
by Bill Powers

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Now for the really exotic stuff. After the Bleriot did well in Orlando, I selected the weirdest plane from Munson Book on pioneering I could build. The Borel was it.

Everything except the photoetched wheel disc is scratch built! Great fun but the first effort at building the tail boom almost got to me! This is the second effort using sprue and 3 thou wire plus larger rod and wire for the structural parts.

The nose cone is vacuformed with clear inserts. The nacelle is built up of card. The wings are a vacuformed plastic core covered in 5 thou and the tail is three lamination of 5 thou clear, with the framework marked on the center lamination. Very effective in being slightly translucent! The wings have two 20 thou brass rod spars that attach to the nacelle. It was very flimsy until the rigging was applied.

Wing rigging is 8/0and 6/0 fly tying thread done in one piece. Starting at the bottom brace up, across, down and attaching back to the brace. I pulled this tight and the wings warped down. Uniformly thank goodness.

Needed some decals to give some oomph to the model. Everyone who looks at it say first "how?" and then "why"?

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