by Jeff Porter

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Nieuport 17

Kit: Eduard Profipack (1:48)

This kit was built oob in the likeness of Raoul Lufbery's mount. I used a Testors Model Masters Aluminum for the over all color. I tried to dull the finish by rubbing it all over with a damp q-tip. Didnt work as I liked but dulled it considerably compared to the out of the can look. Might have over done the weathering for some taste but I am pleased with the outcome.

Airco DH 4

Kit: Roden (1:48)

I built this Roden kit for Internet Modeler several years ago. It was my first Roden kit, and was nice to build. Very different from Eduard as the parts were thin and not as easily managed. I built this out of box with little issues except for some fitmit problems with the turtle deck. I used a rigging technique suggested by Brad Cancain in using elastic sewing thread. It is a very nice way to rig a crate and I dont think I'll change for a while.

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