Erik Pilawskii's German Models

Siemens Schuckert Werke D.III - 1/72nd CzechMasters kit. An anonymous SSW D.III fighter of Kest 4b, 1918. This machine sits in the background of a photograph, and its serial cannot be discerned in the shot. It appears to have worn no individual markings, but it has been painted already with Kest 4b's trademark black cowl and spinner. I found the fit and build of this little gem to be exceptional. Allmark lozenge (5 color) used all-round. The wooden fuselage was created in my typical manner, involving numerous washes of acrylic paint to establish color and 'grain'.

Roland D-VIb - 1/72nd CzecnMaster kit, essentially out-of-the-box. Unfortunately (without knowing any better!), I used SuperScale 4-color loz. decals, which I DO NOT recommend to anyone else. The fuselage 'planking' was added by taking advantage of the delicately raised line detail; a soft artist's pencil was 'rolled' over the surface with great care, picking out the lines. These were then 'blended' to the wood surface with a final wash of 'stain' color.

AEG G.IV - 1/72nd Merlin kit. My attempt to build the difficult Merlin AEG G.IV kit. SuperScale Night loz. was applied to the wings. Kit white metal engines and guns were used. All strutting and details were scratch built out of stretched/shaped sprue.

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