Russian Civil War (RCW) Model Images
by Steven Perry

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Polish Ansaldo A.I Balilla

This one is an Itallian built Ansaldo A.I Baillia in Polish Markings. The Poles bought some and built some themselves. They were used against the Soviets in 1920.

Slovenian Aviatik Berg D.I

The Carinthian War was a border dispute in 1918-1919 between Slovenia and Bosnia. This Toko Berg D.I is done in Slovenian markings by Blue Rider.

Polish Br.14

Kit: HR (1:72)

Polish Br.14 I did for August Blume as part of a bunch of RCW era aircraft he has been collecting. My camera stinks as bad as my modeling, but it's finished :-)

HR Resin kit in 1/72. Recon version of the Br.14. Flew with Esk. Br.39 in 1919-1920.

Decal of the "Flower Girl" courtesy of Bob Pearson.

Soviet Fokker D.VII

In 1925 the Soviets took delivery of 50 Dutch built Fokker D.VIIs. This is the Roden Kit.

Ukranian Fokker D.VII

This is a Ukranian Fokker D.VII. The Ukrane received Central Powers support in it's bid for independence in the wake of the colapse of the Russian Enpire.

Polish Fokker E.V

This is a Polish E.V. The Poles inherited several Air Parks located in former German territory. The E.Vs were awaiting strengthened wings. The Poles added the bracing wire. The kit is the Roden kit.

White Russian Hansa-Brandenburg C.I

This belongs to the "1st Southern Detachment of the ALL-Greater Forces of the Don." I don't remember the kit, some decent little vac. Rareplanes or formaplanes or some such.

White Russian Nieuport 17

A White Russian Nieuport 17 Markings are of the Don Cossacks. Some soures show the triangle darker. Revell kit with Esci top wing Blue Rider decals.

Nieuport 27

This Nie.27 belonged to a special aviation detachment of the Moscow Military Flying School headed by Yu. A. Bratolyubov who ended up being shot after a forced landing behind White lines.

The kit is the barely mediocre HR 24-27 kit. The resin had loads of tiny holes in the surface that took several coats of paint to fill. Outlines were a tad off and all major parts appeared to be a little small when compared to the drawing in the FMP French book.

Latvian Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter

The Latvians had a few Strutters. This is a kitbash of several broken Strutter kits. The decals are Blue Rider

Soviet Sopwith Snipe

Soviets used some Snipes. This is the Toko kit with Blue Rider decals.


This is a Spad VII of the Red Navy. It fought on the Northern front against British & American Inteventionists. Decals are by Blue rider.

Soviet SPAD A2

This is the Rosemont kit. Markings out of spares box after a photo of the machine in Soviet service 1918 or 19. Both A.2s and A.4s made their way to Russia. The Reds pressed into service anything that would fly early on..

This model was covered in the January 2004 issue of Internet Modeler.

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