Central Powers Aircraft
by Alan Pask

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Fokker D.VII

Kit: Roden (1:48)

Built OOB with control wires built with fishing line. Kit decals used depicting Urnst Udet and painted as per Roden’s instructions (which looking at other versions may be incorrect). Had to shave a considerable amount of plastic off around the nose as the front panels were a bit thick and I did not want to build it without them with the engine showing. Otherwise an excellent kit that almost fell together.

Hansa Brandenburg D.I

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Built out the box without much difficulty for an early Eduard kit. Kit markings used and painted with Citadel acrylics.

Roland D.VIb

Kit: Fly (1:48)

Post war Czechoslovakian markings as per kit instructions. I had some difficulty with this kit. The location holes for the struts were way out and if used would have put the wings in an ‘X’ shape. The wrong engine was also supplied so the Benze engine was scratch built. The radiator is also slightly in the wrong position but I could not be bothered to scratch build a new one having spent more time than I planned building it so far, then after attaching the wings I found a PE radiator in my scrap box. Aside from these shortcomings the detail on the Fly kit is superb and I am more than pleased with the result.

Siemens Schuckert D.I

Kit: Testors conversion (1:48)

There is a fair bit of information on the net about this plane so the build was not too difficult. I decided to build the early version but there are some possible discrepancies. The spinner may not have been on the early versions (some sources show it and some don’t) however this may have been added on the field rather than in the factory. The colour scheme was an educated guess however after building it I have wondered many times if the beige should be light green as depicted on some pictures on the net. This was quite an easy conversion as the fuselage halves match very closely to plans of the SSW D.I and not much had to be carved away. The top wing on the SSW D.I has just a tad wider cord but I decided to leave this. Top wing was chopped in three bits, carved into shape and re-assembled at the correct angles. Bottom wings were cut off and re-attached the right angles. Engine cowling was filled with filler and sanded down to the correct shape. Engine, wheels and spinner came from the scrap box. Ailerons, cabane struts and rudder were plastic card. Inter wing ‘V’ struts were Eduard spares shortened. Rigging was fishing line. Crosses were mostly painted and the serial numbers came from the writing around the edges of several decal sheets.

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