Bernd Nüßer (Nuesser)'s Allied Models

Handley-Page 0/400 1/48 scale, scratchbuilt
The Handley-Page was a big boat and i enjoyd building it. The wooden frame is wood in the model. All parts of wood, i did so. Inside are the two fuel-tanks and the 16 bombs in the wooden frame.

Avro 504K

This is the 1:48 Smer kit. It is the Avro 504K Night fighter variant.

It is a HASEGAWA Clerget engine in 1:8 Scale, a very fine kit. I painted it by hand with several alluminium colours, finishing with Tamiya "Smoke" on some parts for the illusion of oil.

The scale of this model is 1:8, manufacterer is Williams, U.S.A. It is nice, to present only a motor in a bigger scale with the other models. Builded in the rigth way, the rotary function will be presented in the model too. I didn`t managed this. My thing is painting, without air brushes. I had a good photo of a Le Rhone engine and painted it in the way, like it looks on this picture. Several aluminium colors. Copper air-intakes. Finishing with "Tamiya Smoke" on some parts. Then the engine had "some hours".



The Bristol Boxkite is 1:48 Inpact Kit.

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