Bernd Nüßer (Nuesser)'s Austro-Hungarian Models

WKF D I (Wiener Karosserie Fabrik)
This is a very interssing kit of the ALLIANCE Company, czech republik, scale 1:48. Very fine, accurate parts of resin, highly detailed. The plane self is documented in the famous book "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One". I took the coloursheme from these photos and drawings. The parts of this kit are so fine, that the wings are too thin, I think. For this little model, they are not strong enaugh. It was painted by hand.

Pfalz E III. Number of the plane was P 41. It belongs to the Unit Bayrische Feldfliegerabteilung 9. The Kit was the vera good EDUARD Morane Parasol in 1:48 scale. It is painted in the red and white markings as the K.u.K. units.

On 31. July 1915, three of these Pfalz Parasols started from Toblach airfield to bomb Cortina D+mpezzo. The airplanes were furnished with bomb racks for 5 bombs each on the right and left side of the fuselage. One of the tree planes crashed shortly after take-off and Ltn. MSrz was killed in the accident. There was only less work to complete a Pfalz E III from the Morane-Parasol-Kit. The bomb-racks were built by scratch. It was reported, that eleven bombs hit their targets. The successful pilots were Vizefeldwebel Otto Kissenberth and Unteroffizier Eduard B÷hme. The targets: Troop camps detected in the valley of Cortina, Hotel Faloria near Cortina (presumed Italian headquarters, Several camps and supply depots with a vehicle park, and a wireless station near Pec di Palu, 4,5 Km southwest of Cortina.

Whoever flew in the Alps, knows, that this was a big trick in flying.

Scratchbuild Lloyd 40.05 "Flugzeugjäger" of 1916. Only one was build. It was a courious plane with a "tower" for the gunner, front of the pilot. The model is scratchbuilt with a Hi-Tech Daimler engine inside.

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