Russ Niles' Fokker Models

Dr.I is Revell's 1/28th. I built this for the 1998 IPMS convention in Santa Clara. Did not do anything with it there, but had a lot of fun anyway. Completely removed the interior, as it is all wrong anyway. Well, not exactly wrong if your looking in a mirror. Scratchbuilt the interior, re did the Spandaus with a set from Tom's Modelworks. The blue is sprayed and the streaky green is hand brushed. A little too heavy, but it was my first attempt at that. Lt. Kempf's marking were done by making an approximate 1/28th copy of a painting from an old Air Enthusiast, then copying that onto a overhead projector clear plastic sheet then cutting out a stencil. Then I airbrushed the logo on the two wings. This all done after the streaky green was brushed on. Quite similar to how it would have been done in the field, except I am sure that they did not use a airbrush. Again a lot of fun to do, and I only have about three more Dr.I's to do in 1/28th. Photography by Rick Ewing.

This is the "1/48th" Monogram kit. Photography by Rick Ewing.

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