Nieuport models
by Mike Muth

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Nieuport 28
Lt. Douglas Campbell, 94th Aero USAS

I finally got around to building the Glencoe kit in 1/48. I had shied away from it mostly because I always wanted to do Campbell's Nieuport but didn't care for the decals provided in the kit. I ended up using the black triangles on the cowling that came with the Blue Max kit, along with the Vickers. The kit was updated using the cowling, wheels and fin from Roseparts. Painting this one was a little different since I used both airbrush and hand painting. The underneath is Humbrol "Oak", which gives a nice yellow look. The dark brown is something called: "Scorched Earth", and is a nice flat acrylic. The greens are Polly-Scale PC10 and Black Green. Black is Polly-Scale "NATO Tri-Black". The final color in Middlestone from Polly-Scale.

Nieuport 17
Escadrille N68

This is the Testors kit in 1/48 with the cockpit interior from an Eduard's Nieuport that I salvaged from a disasterour attempt at another aircraft. I wanted this one to be from a typical French Escadrille. No famous pilot or history behind it, just one of the many Nieuports at the Front. The hunting horn decal came from Blue Rider. The silver was done with a spray can of ModelMasters Metallic Silver. The cowling was done with SnJ .

Nieuport 23
Adjt. Edmund Thieffry
5th Escadrille (Belgium)

The kit is Testor's 1/48. Decals are from Blue Rider. Top roundels are lightly oversprayed with dark green.(Although the pictures don't show this too well.) There is a rear-view mirror on the middle of the top wing that is noticeable in the famous photo of Thieffry sitting in his cockpit after his first victory.

Toko 1/72 Nieuport 11

Kit: Toko (1:72)

Lt. P. (H)Anciau(x)
1st Escadrille (Belgium)

This is the Toko kit in 1/72. Decals are from Blue Rider. "Soit" is loosely translated as "Let it be". There are two different spellings of his last name. He was shot down and killed on September 20, 1917.

Hi-Tech 1/48 Nieuport 24

Kit: Hi-Tech (1:48)

Escadrille N 87 "Les Chats Noir" Caporal William Wellman

The second time I tried to make a Nieuport 24. the first was from Tom's Model Works, but I broke it. This one is from Hi-Tech in 1/48. I like the one from Tom's better. Both kits use a lot of the Eduard parts. The plane was flown by Hollywood Director William Wellman of the Lafayette Flying Corps before he became a famous film-maker.

Dutch Nieuport

Kit: Testors (1:48)

I tried to do this as a quick build to see how the decals from Dutch Decals worked. I really like the way the fighting rooster shows up on the silver fuselage. Although it looks like the orange discs on the top wing pebbled a little, in reallity they went on fine. The only complaint I have with the decals is that there is a slight white underlay that peeks out under the orange discs on the upper wing.

Estonian Nieuport

Kit: Hobbycraft (1:32)

This is the Hobby Craft model in 1/32. I did it for the Nieuport Cook-up. The decals were very brittle. The rest of the kit is easy to build. I used Model Masters Silver from a spray can. I included a few pictures showing the cockpit even though the focus is off to show the wood wrapper from a cigar I used for the side paneling.

Russian Nieuport 17

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This may be the first Eduard Nieuport I finished before breaking it. The decals are from the spares box, with the exception of the Mermaid. That little beauty is courtesy of Steve Perry. I tried to get a good photo of the decal. The plane is done in Model Master's Metallic Silver from a spray can. The cowling is done in Model Master's Aluminum Buffing Metalizer. The plane is from the 4th Combat Air Group in September, 1917.

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