Fokker models
by Mike Muth

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Fokker Dr.1

Kit: Smer (1:44)

Pilot Unknown
Jasta 19

A quick build of the SMER kit. I wanted to use the Blue Rider "20th Anniversary" decals. They are a little small, since the kit is listed as 1/44 scale. I like the look of the white and yellow fuselage. The streaking is done by using a wire brush dipped in unmixed Model Master Sable Brown Metallic. The undercoat is Poly Scale Dirty White. The cowl and fuselage is done in Pactra Racing Finish Sprint White. It is designed for r/c cars and dries flat on plastic ...just the look I wanted. The turquoise is from Mister Kit and, when thinned with Future, went on easy and dried hard.

Jacobs' Fokker Dr.I

Kit: DML (1:48)

Fokker Dr.1
Ltn. Josef Jacobs
Jasta 7

This is the DML kit in 1/48. The kit is pretty easy to put together. The decals show some yellowing where the white should be. A few days taped to a window (some space between the window and the decal) and the white quickly returns.

Hippert's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

Jasta 74
Vzfw. Wilhelm Hippert

This is the DML kit in 1/48. I have had this kit hanging around for a long time and finally decided to build it when I found a great set of decals from AeroMaster. They are made to fit the DML kit only. I tried to match them up with the new Roden kit and they wouldn't work. The checkered effect is accomplished by painting the fuselage gloss white and then placing the 6 black checked decal sheets on the 2 sides, top, underneath and on the top and bottom tailplane. Since this was an early Fokker, I had to add the starboard engine cowling and cut out a hole for the exhaust.

Scheutzel's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell (1:72)

Fokker D-VII (OAW)
Gefreiter Scheutzel
Jasta 65

This is the Revell kit in 1/72. The lozenge decals are from Almark, if I remember correctly. The 7 Swabians decal is from PD decals. The first decals, without a lot of the line demarcation is done in artists pens. After it is on the fuselage, a second decal containing a lot of lines for the clothing, etc. is applied over it. I tried to copy the brown/gray scheme used by the Smithsonian on the D-VII at the Air and Space Museum.

Hantelmann's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Monogram (1:48)

Fokker D-VII
Leutnant Georg von Hantelmann
Jasta 15

This is the Monogram kit in 1/48. Americals were used for the lozenge. The "Death's Head" decal came with the kit and was applied to his aircraft in honor of his previous Hussar's cavalry regiment.

Riedel's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell-Monogram (1:48)

Fokker D-VII (OAW)
Ltn. Ernst Riedel
Jasta 19

This is the Revell-Monogram kit in 1/48. I did it primarily to try out the Eagle Strike Lozenge. The decals are easy to use, don't tear and settle down nicely. The rib tapes are a thing of beauty. The shield was from an Americal sheet for non-Fokker D-VII's. The yellow nose is probably a little too light, since it doesn't allow for the contrast that exists on the photo of the plane. The only modification I made was to cut down the fuselage panels around the engine to match the photo.

HartMan's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell-Monogram (1:48)

Fokker D.VII
Ltn. August Hartman
Jasta 30

Another Revel-Monogram kit in 1/48. I liked the color scheme and the witch decal looks great. There is some question about whether the fuselage front and tailplane should be gold-yellow or orange. Jasta 30 used a black bordered orange diamond on their Pfalz aircraft. I figured there was probably a can or two of orange paint sitting around somewhere that they used. Lozenge decals are Pegasus 4 color lozenge. Other than slightly cutting away the fuselage cowling, no significant changes.

Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell (1:72)

Fokker D.VII
Jasta Boelcke

This is the Revel kit in 1/72. The lozenge is from Eagle Strike. The fuselage band was supplied by a list member after my original one shattered. I had wanted to do a complete lozenge Fokker, and this scale seemed best. Built this one after the fire while I was in temporary housing.

Buddecke's Fokker E-III

Kit: Revell (1:72)

Obltn. Hans Joachim Buddecke
Turkish Air Service

The Revell kit in 1/72. No interior to speak of. The kit came packaged as part of a 3-pack with the Morane and Camel. The Turkish markings came as a pleasant surprise. The overall red-brown is kind of boring. Next time maybe I'll use gray or green.

Bastyr's Fokker E.V / D.VIII

Kit: Aurora (1:48)

Fokker E.V/D.VIII
Lt. Stefan Bastyr
Eskadra 7

This is the Aurora Kit in 1/48. A slot in the fuselage had to be filling with gap filling super glue. I botched up the decals a little bit, but the overall result looks like "The Flying Razor." I had lots of help on the markings on this one from various list members. The lozenge decal is from Eagle Strike.

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