Central Powers Models
by Mike Muth

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Aviatik Berg D.I (Lohner)

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

Flik 42J

This is the Flashback kit in 1/48. For the Autumn Leaf effect, I opted for Americal/Gryphon sheet # 91. It has enough to cover 2 complete D.I's. I undercoated the decals with a glossy dark brown. It didn't affect the autumn leaf look and, if the decals didn't fit perfectly, blended in the color.I was not able to find a lot of photos of aircraft in Autumn Leaf colors, so I decided to do a "representative" example, 38.53. I marked it with Flik 42J's red and white wheel covers. The fin and rudder were left in clear doped linen on some D.I's, and since I didn't have a photo of 38.53, decided to go with the contrast.For clear doped linen, I used Model Masters "Modern Desert Sand". The brass around the radiator was Model Masters "Brass" enamel.

Pfalz D.IIIa

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This Pfalz was flown by Obl. Hans-Georg von der Marwitz while he was CO of Jasta 30. He ended the war with 15 victories. The Flying Diamond motif used by Jasta 30 really looks elegant combined with the lines of the Pfalz D.IIIa. I used a lot of decal material from an Aero Master Pfalz sheet to supplement the kit supplied decals to cover all of the areas on the tailplane and rudder that needed covering. I had to paint the edge of the tailplane and rudder black since the decal wouldn't cover completely. I would like to do at least one more Jasta 30 Pfalz, but I don't know if I have enough decals! I airbrushed Model Master's Aluminum Plate non buffing metalizer. Fly fishing thread was used for rigging.

Hansa-Brandenburg W. 29

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

This is the Flashback kit in 1/48. I decided to use the early camouflage scheme of "sea green" with the brown, as opposed to the blue, naval hex lozenge. I like the look of the all wood floats. Photos show that some of the early W.29's kept the floats all wood with no lozenge on the top. Americal lozenge decals (Americal/Gryphon Sheet # 14, Kriegsmarine Camouflage 1917-1918) were used for the wings and top of the fuselage.

Phonix D.I J.4

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

Phonix D.I, K.u.K Naval Air Service, Altura. This is the Special Hobby kit in 1/48. I used Model Master's Light Ivory for the cdl, Model Master's Gloss White and Guards Red for the wing bands, rudder and tailplane. The crown decal was from the Blue Max kit. The fuselage effect was done by using Modern Desert Sand from the spray can, followed by my sponge/smear technique using a dark yellow acrylic. Once the wood finish was done, I used a sponge to create the mottled effect with Model Master's Signalbraun. I left the bottom of the fuselage in natural wood, covered with Future. The engine was a tight fit, which necessitated a lot of cutting below the pistons.

Pfalz D.III

Kit: Glencoe (1:48)

Ltn. Adam Barth
Jasta 10

I used the Glencoe model with no major changes. Guns not used since they were primarily buried in the original. I was real happy with the yellow color. I used #4 Kodak Film Racing Yellow from Testors Nascar series. Covers great and looks right to me. I always wondered why Barth used a dumbell as his insignia. It must not have the same connotation in German as it does in modern English.

Pfalz D.IIIa

Kit: Aurora (1:48)

Jasta 10

The Aurora kit in 1/48. It is not easy finding a Pfalz with a fuselage that is not silver. The color scheme was suggested in the Datafile special on von Richthofen's Flying Circus. I opted for red as opposed to black, just because of the cool look it gives the plane.

Roland C.II

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Observer Obl. Neuburger/Pilot Kosmahl
Feldflieger Abteilung 22

This is the Eduard kit in 1/48. I used some of the Profi-pac parts, but not all. The kit goes together without any problems. The markings are questionable regarding the color of the fuselage band, but I like the contrast of red and light blue.

LFG Roland D.II

Kit: Hi-Tech (1:48)

Jasta 32 (?)
This is the Hi-Tech kit in 1/48. I used Model Master Russian Topside Blue combined with Russian Topside Green and Polly Scale Panzer Red Brown. The colors matched the Datafile pretty close. I used an artist's pen to color the birds' beaks. Rigging is fly fishing thread. The landing gear is attached using copper tube extensions which give a nice, strong connection.

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