Russian models
by Dmitry Morozov

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Albatros W.4 of Red Army

Kit: Roden (1:72)

Albatros W.4 of Red Army.

According to research of Andrey Aleksandrov, Germans left some planes of this type (including numbers 1724 and 1736) at Nahimov bight near Sevastopol in 1918. In his book "Winged Prisoners of Russia" there is a photo of Albatros W.4 made in Sevastopol in 1919 but the quality is very bad and it is impossible to see the plane colors.

Lennart Andersson writes in the book "Soviet Aircraft and Aviation 1917-1941" that two floating-type Albatroses with numbers 663 and 674 served in Red sea aviation on Black sea. I chose the plane No.674. According to photos the planes with three-digit numbers belonged to the early type and had colours of materials. The form and location of the stars is hypothetical. Aircrafts in Russia were used for a long time so I tried to make it worn-out.

Morane L of Narodnaya Armia

Kit: Ardpol (1:72)

By 1918 these planes were old and were used mainly at flying schools. That's why I decided to make the aircraft of 'Narodnaya Armia' ( People's Army ) which used several planes of this type in the war with Bolsheviks in the region of Kazan in August 1918. This aircraft was built at DUX factory. The enblem of 'Narodnaya Armia' is the black and orange stripes on the rudder of the plane.

Soviet Spad S.VII

Kit: MAC (1:72)

Soviet Spad S.VII of the 10th Fighter Detachment, Shirinkin's Air Group. Airfield of Slavnoye, May 1920. Soviet-Polish war.

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