Blue Max DH-2
by Tom Morgan

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This is the Blue Max AIRCO DH2 in progress. It can actually be considered a scratch built kit, as the only parts I am using from the BM kit are the wings and these have been extensively reworked. The wings were too thick and slightly oversize compared to the Data File drawings.

The wing represents a field 'replacement' of a lower wing with an upper, but keeping the original aileron - just to add some character. The upper and lower wings of the DH2 were interchangeable and there are several photos of such replacements. The underside of the wings have been airlbrushed and decaled to simulate the shadow effect of the ribs and roundels, so prominent on these early a/c.

The engine is scratched completely. I turned a master cylinder from machinists nylon and then made a silicone mould. I resin casted-up a pile of cylinders and assembled them on a crankcase predrilled to accept the 9 castings. Detailed with fine brass wire and tubing.
The wheels are my newer technique - master turned, wire spokes AC'd on and spaces between filled with Mr Surfacer 500, then filed flat. Rubber washer for a tire, moulded and resin casted. Back disc of 0.005" card after drilling out a site for the valve and some spokes .......see them?
Nacelle scratched entirely except for Eduard instruments, vacuformed and skinned over a brass frame. Stitching is FotoCut 1:72. Fabric wrinkles embossed and then painted in varying shades of lightened and darkened PC10 for depth.

Update: I decided I had better get off my ass and post the photos of my COMPLETED Airco DH2 1:48. You already have a few of the construction shots, that I sent a couple of years ago. Some of these images have appeared in Windsock, BUT I do have Ray's kind permission for you to use them in the Gallery. Please mention this, if you can. This model was almost a scratch-build - I used the wing blanks from the Blue Max kit. Let me know if you have any questions.

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