Allied Models
by Tom Morgan

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Morane-Saulnier Type I

Russian winter version - 1915
kit: FLASHBACK #KLH 8913

Extensive conversion of the kit, a Type N, to a true Type I which was then further modified into the Russian winter version - characterized by skis, and a built-up cockpit and cowling.

Scratch built: ski frames, ski rig, cockpit, cowling, tail section, parasol mount, skid & mount.
Converted/Detailed: spinner & blades, scalloped wings & forward fuselage.
After market: Vickers MG by Copper State Models, instrument dials & bezels by ReHeat, figure by Sopwith Hobbies - painted by Rick Taylor, wooden base by John Oshanski


Nieuport 28

Kit: Roden (1:48)

This is my current build of the Roden 1/48 Nieuport 28. It was supposed to be a "spa-build" straight out of the box with a few aftermarket allow me to relax a little from the rather strenuous scratch-build of my Halberstadt D.II. It has obviously got out of hand!

The cockpit cage is fabricated from plastic, using the PART bulkhead, and scraps of LoneStar PE for the front frame.

The inside of the cockpit, and the floor of the cage, are scored to simulate their strip veneer surfaces. The curved sheet brass is guide.

The cockpit cross braces & supports are brass tube detailed with .003" aluminum. I recently discoved this fantastic material. It comes from disposable cooking & baking plates purchased at my local grocery store. The brand name here in Canada is "Hefty E-Z Foil". I am sure similar products can be found anywhere. It is wonderful to work with. A simple sanding with a fine sandpaper produces a dull aluminum color that is better than anything I have been able to replicate with paint.

The seat is carved from plastic, smoothed with Mr Surfacer. Seat backs are LoneStar PE. The belts are pliable zinc foil; buckles of .004" steel wire; clasp of .003" alumimum.

The Vickers gun is heavily detailed with brass and aluminum, with a couple of CSM and PART pieces of PE at the muzzle. The ammo chutes are .003" aluminum.

The engine is from Vector - a real beauty, well worth the cost. The split axel spreader bar is scratch-built. The empennage is partially scratched-built, and the surface has been scored (like the cockpit) to simulate the strip veneer covering.

The wings have animated ailerons. Rib tapes are decal strips. I had hoped to have the N28 finished for the Nats, but it won't be ready. however, I may have the cockpit cage completed.

The fuel guage is made up of 8 pieces.

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