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by Ross Moorhouse

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Roden 1/72nd Albatros D.III Oeffag s.153(early)

Photos of the engine.

I found it very hard to get a good set of photos of this as it's so small. Paints used are Citadel Colour "Chainmail" for the engine block, rockers, carb inlet. Gunze Sangyo Metal Black" used for the cylinders. I weathered the engine with a wash of Acrylic Burnt umber and Tamiya Clear Yellow. These photos don't do this justice. Exhaust stubs done in Gunze Sangyo "Rust". Ends of stubs done in Gunze Sangyo "Soot". I did my trade making aircraft exhausts. ;-)

Feb 1, 2003

Very close to joining the fuselage sides up now. BUT my colour blindness strikes here. :-( The wood effect I did is way too green. I made the mistake of using Tamyia 'Dark Yellow' as the base. My wife picked this up and told me it was far too green for wood. I was just about to apply the black weathering wash at this stage so it was way too late to fix this. I should have used 'Deck Tan' or something similar.

On top of the 'Dark Yellow' I applied a wash of 'Burnt Umber' then 'Clear Yellow'. I then applied a coat of 'Flat Clear' to try to knock some of the sheen off the 'Clear Yellow'. Then I applied a weathering wash of Pastel Chalk 'Black' into the corners etc.

Feb 11, 2003

Feb 21, 2003

In these pics you can see that I have started to pin the lower wings. This has to be done to the Roden Albatros kits. The pimples that are moulded on the wings are just not strong enough to support the weight of the lower wings let alone the top wing when that is mounted. Here the lower wings are being dry fitted. I used a #73 .024 diameter drill bit. I drilled both the wings and the fuselage. For the pinning wire I used florist wire of the same gauge as the drill bit. The wire passes through the fuselage in one piece. The Wings will then be glued with CA to the protruding wire.

Contact Resine 1/24th Hansa Brandenburg D1

Kit: Contact Resine (1:24)

03/12/2006... Fitted the ignition wire cover. This was made from brass tubing. Holes drilled for the spark plug leads. Painted aluminum and then squashed in a vice. Had to to get the carb induction system to fit. The CA used to glue the wires on will be painted black to represent the rubber grommets used to stop the wires from rubbing on the holes that they come through the ignition wire cover. Also lets how much of this detail will be seen once the engine is in the fuselage? A fair bit. I have the option of not fitting engine covers.

These are some images of my in progress build of the Contact Resine 1/24th Hansa Brandenburg D1.

Some more work on the engine. The valve gear drive and rocker arms have been fitted. Each rocker arm is a separate piece.

I found because I did not line up the cylinders perfectly one or two of the rockers is now crooked. This is what I get for not doing these stages back to back at the same time. See if you can spot which ones are out? I think that once the engine is fitted to the fuselage etc they wont be that noticeable. I will blue the rockers with some blue ink just to give them a bit more of a metal look to them.

To see the rest of this build http://www.wargamer.com/Hosted/CloseCombatFuture/rosssmodels/Hansa.htm

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