Mark Miller's 3-D SE5a


I've been a technical illustrator for about 15 yrs and am currently working for Raytheon in Danbury, CT. I discovered CAD about 10 yrs ago and have been generating renderings for various projects for both work (ground and space based optical systems and sensors i.e. the Chandra Space Telescope) and pleasure.

My passion is WWI airplanes so I decided to finally build a model for myself. I've been working on this model sporadically for more than a year and have no idea as to how many hours it has taken so far. At this point I would say that it is about 90% done.

Primary reference used was Windsock data file of course (but I had scale plans from about five different sources all of which varied slightly) and engine data came from a Wylam drawing found in Scale Aircraft Drawings Vol. 1 Published by AIR AGE. The data is questionable but the drawings are very attractive. There are a couple of areas which need more data including: 1) Wing superstructure - ribs, spars, fittings etc; 2) Radiator for a reduced drive Hispano Sussa: and, 3) All that stuff under the seat (there's a good photo of it in the Windsock data file but I still can't figure it all out). I would also like to get more support equipment and try to generate more convincing scenes (ambulance, fuel truck, hangers etc) so if anyone has anything, please feel free to email me at above address with links, data, etc. Thanks.

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