Mark Miller's 3-D Nieuport


Le Rhone 110hp

I want to build a "virtual" Nieport 17 model, so I decided to start with the engine. Reference is primarily the drawing in the Le Rhone handbook Thanks Sharon and Stef for the help.

Vickers Machine Gun

Reference is primarily the Williams Brothers kit, photos from the Memorial Flight web site and a lot of stuff that various people e-mailed me in reponse to all my whining over not having enough reference for this gun.
But, despite all the help, I still had to do a considerable amount of guessing, particularly on the synch device and gunsight.
These images show the Alkan-Hamy synchronisation gear which was, I believe, commonly used on French nieuport 17s. The loading handle is the Hyland type A . I'm not sure if that is appropriate for this application. But I had a real blueprint for it.

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