Mark Miller's 3-D Albatros D.V

Box art for the upcoming 1/32 ALBATROS DV by Hi-Tech

Scene depicts Lt. R.A. Cartledge (N.28 RFC) being pursued by Bruno Loerzer. Lt. Cartledge was last seen west of Dixmude and made POW after crashing at Lendele. I'm not entirely sure that Bruno Loertzer can be credited with the victory, but a photo shows him in front of the downed camel.

Tropical DVa
Color Schemes of Jasta 300 (Palestine)

Von Hippel


Color Schemes

Additional DV/DVa color scheme images can be seen here

Structural View

This is my attempt at a "finished" tech illustration of the Albatros. I rendered it out in 3 layers and then loaded up the images in Photoshop and worked the transparencies to get that ghosted look. I think I will also try a rear angle and see if I can get better definition of the cockpit.

The original is 5000 pixels across - so it holds the detail pretty well :-).

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