Mark Miller's Vehicle Models

The following models and images were created by Mark Miller. His comments are below:

Mack "bulldog" dump truck 1/87 scale (HO)
Jordan Highway Miniatures

This is a model I made at least 15 years ago during my model railroad days. The kit is very well made with a surprising amount of detail for its size. As I recall the plastic was more brittle and that cement attacked it faster than I expected but if you take care it builds quickly and results in a nice, sturdy little model. I built it straight out of the box.

I'm not entirely sure that this exact configuration saw service in WW1. But this basic vehicle was adapted to many roles - in fact this kit is offered as a flatbed, stake, tanker and aerial ladder truck. The manufacturer list the year as 1923, but I can see little difference (except wheels and lights) between this vehicle and the Mack AT, 1916-22 that saw service in WW1. Photos by Dan Malinak

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