Central Powers
by Hernán Meza

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Albatros C.III

Kit: Meikraft (1:72)

These are the pics of my Albatros C.III, a kitbash of Meikraft (wings, tail surfaces) and Pegasus (fuselage and other details); the dragon is a mix of maked paint and hand made decals, based on Bob Person´s aircraft profile; as usual, the wood efect was made whith watercolors pencils.

Albatros D.Va

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Albatros J.1

Kit: Chorozy (1:72)

Hansa Brandenburg B.I

Kit: Ardpol (1:72)

Hansa Brandenburg W.12

Kit: CMR (1:72)

Hi friends, this is my 1/72 Hansa Brandenburg W12 long fuselage from CMR; this old kit is plenty of errors and must be modified to reach a good replica of that beautiful aircraft, in this case the number 2052, belonging to the 2023-2052 series, the most produced W12. Many parts are from Toko and MPM´s W29, including two excellent sheet of marine printed fabric!!!!; spandau and parabellum are from various "Part" spare etching; well, finally this model result to be an expensive "kit".

Junkers J.1

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Eduard Profipack

Lohner T

Kit: Chorozy Modellbud (1:72)

This is my latest work, a Lohner T from Chorozy Modellbud. This is a complex to build model and I have to rebuild the engine mounting and several tube-kind structures, like a tail mount, but in general the kit is fine; the Schwarzlose machine gun is from Rose Parts. The wood efect was made whit watercolors pencils over a matt ligh brown color, which give (in my opinion) an excellent result; the rest of the colors are from Humbrol and Model Master mixes. This is one of my favourites works

Rumpler C.IV

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)


Jan 18, 2006

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