Kevin McAvoy's German Models

Albatros DIII

Eduard's Albatros DIII, in Jacobsen's flowerpot,July 1917. Don't you think those wheels are a little small?

Pfalz DIII

Sraight oob in markings documented but unit not known.Eduard really made a cutie,here.

Fokker Dr-I

Dragon Dr.1,in a circus scheme from Jasta 30?

Siemens-Shukert D-III

Eduard SSWIII. I sanded down the fuselage about .015 all around, then = plated the whole thing with a neat veneer. The wood was backed with a thin paper, so I wetted = it and scraped it off. After it was dry. I cut the scale panels and used CA to laminate. I also = used thin CA to "varnish" the fuselage. The elevators could have come out nicer.

Roland D-II

HiTech's Roland DII. This kit has a lot of problems, but so do I. The interior parts are in good are mine. The exterior needs a lot of work-yeah,you guessed it.

The Dragon DrI. I took the markings from a photo in the Squadron book...Jasta 30, I think. It's straight out of the box, except for the mirror.

Hansa-Brandenburg W-29

Flashback W 29 This is oob,most of the obvious problems dealt with.I = scratchbashed the rear Mg,added the anemometer and fancied up the = cockpit.Carved laminate prop.


Hansa-Brandenburg W-20

This is the tiny Merlin Models Hansa Brandenberg W 20.The kit = comprised 7 usable parts-everything else is scratchbuilt. Hard to tell = from the photography,but the W 20 has a fully detailed rotary,detailed = cockpit and engine mounts.


Battleaxes' 1/32 DVII. Mostly straight from the box,although = what's in the box is pretty crude. It specs out ok,only minor problems. = Be prepared to use many of the kit parts as reference only,as you'll = probably want to radically modify them. The Mgs are nice. The lozenge = decals are weird,but go on well. I found the prop to be incorrect so i = carved one from veneer laminate. Save some time and replace the struts = with brass.Looks good in Berthold's cool scheme.


Dragon DVII Colors from documented source,but Jasta unknown. = AeroMaster lozenge,Eduard tapes.

Dragon D-VII

Another Dragon DVII-This incarnation in Veltjen's markings.Started = out as Udet's candy stripe,but I hated the way it turned out so I redid = it in Microscale DVII collection decals.

HiTech 1/48 AEG GIV

The HiTech kit is great as a place to start.There are some beautiful features to this kit. The nice stuff is mostly resin-seat,fuel tank,radiators,wheels.The metal parts are annoying. Strut material is part of the kit-look for it-then use AeroClub( I did use the kit cabanes). PE parts make a nice instrument panel,prop guard and bosses.Good Mg mounts,so-so Mgs.

The wing sections were badly warped,so I used hotr water and patience to straighten.I toned down the tapes with light sanding. I cut the strut pieces long,dowelled the ends and glued them in drilled holes. Note that the inboard struts are angled back a couple of degrees.The outboard are not. I built up the engine bearers,nacelles and cabane/engine struts first.I glued the top wing on this structure,set the jig and waited a few days before pop fitting the wing struts in. The engine nacelles are difficult. They require a lot of dry fitting,are soft on panel detail and missing the pronounced snap fasteners. I made thes from teeny tiny Grandt line nuts/bolts.54 per engine! Here's a tip. after you've sliced the nut off,pass the sprue past a candle and carefully mushroom the stems. These are great for switch knobs,Mg adjustment handles,etc. Two sprues yeild more than you'll ever use. I added the electric compass,mount and generator fro scraps and solder.Formation lights are ros with a flat notch filed in. The front Mg had the narrow cooling jacket,so I cut a spare PE part lengthwise in half,rolled this around a needle and slipped it over the plastic barrel.Rear and ventral guns are AeroClub. Yes I know the turnbuckles are misplaced (I'll fix that) And yes I know that I forgot to install the landing gear bracing before photography.

The bomb racks are still a mystery to me. I got a headache staring = at the horrible grainy photos and did my best. No bombs are provided,nor = is any of the interior bombing gear. I ste mine up for trench bombing = with grenades in the rear and 5kg bombs in the nose.Undred fuselage = slings are empty.

Take your time,mutter a lot,drink plenty of water and this kit comes = out OK.Aprox. 75 hours in elapsed time.

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