Austro-Hungarian Models
by Kevin McAvoy

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1/48 Alb.DIII Oeffag

This is the Blue Max kit. This is one of their best,and one of the prettiest I've ever done.The model was built almost straight;the only mods being exhaust stacks from wine foil,MG cut-outs on front deck,cockpit detailing,radiator fittings and regulator and,I hope, a convincing Jaray prop made from veneer lamination,hand carved.

The camo and wood grain are hand painted and the markings are taken from a color profile,photocopied applied to decal film and hand cut. This is a bird flown by Linke-Crawford.

Special Hobby 1/48 Lloyd CV

These snaps are of my Lloyd, Built straight from the box. This is a nifty little kit. It went together without a hitch. Since I have no reference on this plane,the colors are my best guess.I did add little doo-dads here and there.The extreme glossy finish is nice.I hope the wood graining looks OK. I use an enamel base in a 'woody' shade,then mask off random panels and alter the color. Then I mask off randomly again and apply streaks of grain. I wait a little while and then drag a thinner damp brush over the area. Nice kit-interesting subject.


Kit: Scratch (1:32)

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