Allied Model Images
by Fraser May

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Nieuport 11

The model represents a Nieuport 11 of the 75a Squadriglia of the Italian Air Force, 1916. Why? I liked the colour scheme. It's The Eduard 1/48th kit, non-profi, straight from the box, and yes I know its missing its windscreen. It wasn't till after I got the pictures back that I found this odd bit of clear plastic floating around the box... It's rigged with invisible mending thread painted (clumsily) silver. I learned a lot from building it and the tips etc. from other listees. This is an ideal first biplane kit.

Hobbycraft Sopwith Camel

This is the Hobbycraft 1/32nd scale Camel. I did a fair bit of work on it. Getting rid of the "ribs" took a fair bit of time, I used a cabinet maker's scraper and then repaired the damage....then I replaced the rib tapes with lightweight paper as I couldn't find any 5thou. plastic card. I did nothing to the engine bar adding pushrods and spending a bit of time painting it. The area around the guns (Copper State) looked awful, just a gaping hole so I bodged up ammo feeds etc.with bits of plastic card. The struts are of lemonwood, and perhaps should be dyed a bit browner - the colour you see is natural. I built a cockpit frame using limewood and copper (to reinforce the joints) and did the instrument panel in the same wood with CSM instruments. I even wove a can't see it now that it's in place (sigh). I also redid the 'turtledeck' using very thin copper obtained from an electronics shop. It's one piece, scored to make the 'facets. The rigging is fishing line of various weights.

I had endless fun deciding on the right colour, I think I've invented PC11....The markings are all my own work, didn't like the HC offerings, and really fancied the Black Flight colouring as it's so lethal looking. I picked 'Black Prince' in particular because I fancied having a shot at the gothic M. so I painted the roundels and 'Ms' and made jet print decals for the serials and name.. The 'orrible little tensioner thingy in the forward cabane wires started life as a bit of big size contrail strut material...

I've been messing with this thing since October, and have photographed the whole process... There are things I'm not happy about and it's a bit untidy here and there and it doesn't actually sit 100% straight viewed from the front...but enough is enough. I need to get on with my SE5a and Rumpler...

Lt May's Sopwith Camel

This is my take on the New Eduard Camel F.1. It represents the Plane flown by Lt. W.R. 'Wop' May, a Canadian and possibly a distant relation. He was the guy in front of M.v R. as opposed to his Fight Commander, Roy Brown who was in a much more sensible spot!

The kit is great, I added a pitot head and built a new Rotherham pumpand mounted iton the port u/c leg. Of course, the engine should have been a Bentley, not the Clerget. I haven't reached the stage of masochism for scratch building rotaries quite yet. More details of the build can be found on my website.

Sopwith Snipe

Here's a few pics of my Blue Max Snipe. Comments have already been made about the problems constructing this kit. Suffice to say I had to remove a lot of plastic from the inside of the fuselage before the innards would fit. Though you need an endo scope to see whats in there...Touched up here and there with a bit of Copper State PE, wood/wire struts and an attempt at RAF wire. The RAF wire was done by doubling monofilament through eyebolts I've attached a 'GIF' of how I did it if Matt can find a space for it. It was painted using airbrush and Gunze Sangyo acrylics. the rudder was painted rather than use the transfers, which didn't seem to be a great fit. The others were fine if fragile. I used extremely fine fly-tying silk looped through the holes in the control horns to tie the control lines to them. Thought it looked a bit neater than bending the monofilament itself through the holes. All in all, It's not a bad kit of an aeroplane I really am fond of.

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