RAF Model Images
by Andreas Martin

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Avro Triplane

Avro Triplane from 1911

The model is build from the old but good Inpact kit in 1/48 scale. Build more or less straight from the box. I only added some piepes for the tank and the cooling system. The rigging is made from selfmade plasticthread.

Blackburn Monoplane 1912

This kit is from AJP Maquette and consists of photo etched parts coverd with silkpaper. The airscrew in from real wood and again done by my friend Reinhard Möckel (thanks old guy). The rigging is done by nylon thread and is important to beware the wings from hanging down.

Bristol F2B

Kit: Aeroclub (1:48)

Bristol F2B Fighter in 1/48 scale from Aeroclub the model shows the aircraft from Major Keith Park, No.48 Squadron RFC, 1918

Bristol F.2B Fighter

Kit: Roden (1:48)

This is the Roden Brisfit in 1/48 scale. I build it as "A-7192" a plane from No. 1 Squadron Australian Flying Service, Palestine 1918. A great kit, build straight out of the box.

Martin-Handasyde No.3

The Martin-Handasyde No.3 from 1910

The old Inpact kit in 1/48. The kit is build straight out of the box and I only added the two fuel pipes from copperwire. The rigging is made again with nylonthread and the fuselage is painted with oilpaint to match the wooden structure. But the photos don't show it clearly.

Nieuport 17bis

Kit: Hi-Tech (1:48)

I used the Hi-Tech Nieuport 24/27 kit in 1/48 scale to build this Nie. 17bis in british service. I liked the unusual colors of this certain plane. A photo from the original plane you can see on page 12 in the Windsock Datafile Special "Nieuport Fighters Volume 2". The kit was a little bit disappointed because of the sadly done injection parts by Hi-Tech. Also I had to rework the cowling which was not mentioned in the "owners manual" for the kit. The paintshop is done again with airbrush an Gunze paint. For rigging used nylon thread and my friend, Reinhard Möckel, again had build the wooden airscrew for this model.


Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

I build this 1/48 scale SE5a from the Blue Max kit. It shows the aircraft from Cap. Gwilym H. Lewis, No. 40 Squadron RAF, April/May 1918 (see also coverpainting from Windsock Datafile Special: SE5a). The fitting of the parts where typical Blue Max with some minor problems but nothing which could not be solved. This is the first time I used the PC10-color from JPS. Jens Popp the man behind JPS starts now a range of special WWI-acrylic-colors and in my eyes he matched the typical PC10 perfect (the real color is a little bit more brown than you see on the images). If you are interested in the JPS colors take a look at http://www.jpsmodell.de/

Sopwith Camel

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

Sopwith Camel

The model from Blue Max in 1/48 shows the plane from Captain Roy Brown, A-Flight, No. 209. Squadron RAF, April 1918.

The kit was relativ easy to build. Nevertheless I have done some mistakes (guess which). I used Gunze color for painting and again nylonthread for rigging.

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