German Model Images
by Andreas Martin

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Albatros C.X

Kit: Jager Miniatures (1:48)

The Albatros C.X from Jager Miniatures in 1/48. The kit works very well and there where no real problems building this model. The "wooden" fuselage is done with oil paint. The wings are airbrushed with Gunze acryl color. The rigging is done again with nylon thread. But this time I pulled the thread through little holes I drilled in the wings to prevent the resin wings of warping. I hope it works.

Reinhard Möckel had build a real wooden airscrew (many thanks to Reinhard), laminated from seven!!! pieces, to crown this nice kit.

Albatros W4

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the Eduard Albatros W4. In my opinion not even easy to build because of some fit problems especialy with the fuselage struts. The naval lozenge decals are from different manufactures (a rest from Sierra Scale Dornier D.I and some from Americal), just what my sparebox offered me. The water is done with silicon on a picture frame and the wooden fuselage is painted with oilcolor on a lightbrown base from Gunze. Rigging again is nylonthread. Greetings Andreas

Albatros D.XII

Kit: Jager Miniatures (1:48)

This is the Albatros D.XII from Jager Miniatures in 1/48 scale. A very nice kit and easy to build. The Lozenge are Decals from Eagle Strike and worked fine. The wooden fuselage is done with oil paint and the airscrew from real wood is done again by my friend Reinhard Möckel (thanks Reinhard!).

Dornier D.I

Kit: Copper State (1:48)

The Dornier D.I from Copper State Models in 1/48. This resin kit I build some years ago. The whole model, except the lozenge parts and the fuselage around the engine, is covered with bare-metal-foil. The fuselage-nose is painted with Revell 99.

Pfalz E.I

Kit: Modelist (1:48)

Pfalz E.I in 1/48 scale, converted from a Modelist Kit the model shows an aircraft of the Maschine Bavarian Flyingcorps, 1915

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