French Model Images
by Andreas Martin

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Caudron G3

Kit: AJP Maquette (1:48)

Caudron G3, French flying corps 1914/15

The Kit is in 1/48 scale from AJP Maquettes and consists completely of photo etched parts, coverd with fine paper (in German called Seidenpapier = satinpaper). The decals came from a sheet from Blue Rider. Engine, airscrew and cowling are white metal parts. For the wooden parts I used oil paint (burnt sienna) after a painting in a light brown (Revell 88). The rigging is made by using three different materials. Between the wings I took steel guitar sites, for the backtail nylonthread and for the shorter cabels I made a thinn thread out of plasticwaste, heated over a candle and then pulled in a long fine thread.

Morane Saulnier I

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

This is the Flashback Morane Saulnier I build as the plane from Ivan Smirnov, 19th Corps Detachment, September 1917. To make a little more difference to the Morane N I build the kit without the spinner. The airscrew is again done out of real wood from my friend Reinhard Möckel (in my opinion his masterpiece). This time I tried to show the plane in little bit worn and dirty conditions. For this I used mostly oil paint. Far away from the result from some professionals here on the list but not as bad for the first try I think.

Nieuport 11

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Eduard Nieuport 11 Profipac in 1/48

The model is painted with airbrush by using Gunze Aqueous colors. I differed a little bit from the Eduard painting guide of using CDL/yellow for the camouflaged right underwing. Windsock gave the opinion that the silver finish first appeard with the Nieuport 17 and so no Nie. 11 or 16 would wear the silver finish. I don't know if this is correct but it sounds logical for me. The rigging is done with nylonthread. For the oilstained fuselage I used darkbrown oilpaint getting it on the fuselage with a smooth brush. I belive, the Nieuport 11 is one of the best Eduard kits.

Nieuport IV M

Kit: Planet-Models (1:48)

This is the resin kit of the Nieuport IV M from Planet Models in 1/48 scale. The kit was not very difficult to build and mostly straight out of the box. Only all struts where made from copper wire to get more strength.

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