Austro-Hungarian Models
by Andreas Martin

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Lloyd C.V

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

This is the Lloyd C.V from Special Hobby in 1/48 scale. The kit is built out of the box. The model was first painted with oil paint and then the camouflage was done with a sponge. But I believe I've got the wood color a little bit too dark. The wires consist again of nylon thread.

Phönix D.I

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

Hello, this is my new work. The Phönix D.I from Blue Max. The camouflage was done with "Brown Leather" color from Andrea over a base of "Sandy Brown" (Gunze H66). The decals are from Americal/Gryphon and show the plane No. 328.26, flown by Feldwebel Johann Malz, Flik 14J. Despite the decals are not 100% correct, I use them because I love this skull decorated aircraft so much. Greetings Andreas

Priesel DD/KEP

Kit: Legato (1:48)

This is a 1/48 scale resinkit from Legato. The Priesel DD was a prototype from 1918 and had wing warping. But it is not clear how this system worked. About this type it is not much known. The kit from Legato was not even easy to build. Except the interplanestruts all struts are made from Strutz. For the wooden fuselage I used oilpaint. A rather ugly but interesting bird.

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