by Alex Mandel

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HMS Conqueror

Kit: Kombrig (1:700)

It was originally a waterline model; but i modeled for her a lower hull from a foam, and our colleague Eugene Ushakow kindly - and pretty skilfully - cast it for me from resin. The used paint is an acrylic "Tamiya"... and i plan to finish this model as quite detailed - with PE parts (railings etc.), rigging, etc

HMS Lion

Kit: Scratch (1:700)

The model is scratchbuilt, but a few parts from some kits are used - including some parts of the hull from the 1:500 HMS Exeter (from FROG i believe?), that was "cut to pieces" and then "formed into" the HMS Lion 1:700 hull; and also some Tamiya boats. The turrets are cast from resin; the paint is acrylic "Tamiya".

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