Allied Nieuport Images
by Jean-Pascal Maire

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Pégoud's Nieuport 10 two seater

Kit: Various (1:48)

Nieuport 10 flown by Pégoud. Jean-Pascal is still looking for help with a good photo of the upper-wing gun mount. He says the photo in the datafile is too dark for him to see exactly how to mount the gun.

Nieuport 10 Single Seater

Kit: Various (1:48)

Vacuform with lower wing kitbashed from Eduard Nieuport 17. Seat and stick are scratch built. Plane flown by Guiguet.

Nieuport 12

Kit: Eduard - Kitbashed (1:48)

Jean-Pascal's in-progress Nieuport 12. This wing is converted from an Eduard Nieuport 17 wing using sheet plastic and filler. The tailplane is also converted from the Eduard Nieuport 17 kit.

Billy Bishop's Nieuport 17

Billy Bishop's Nieuport 17 from the 20th of April 1917

Eduard Nieuport 17

The Eduard Kit. Escadrille N 3 Adjudant Joseph Guiguet Cachy November Décember 1916. This pilot is native to Corbelin. I've lived in Corbelin for 13 years.

Lt. Santa Marie's Nieuport 17

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

An other Eduard's kit... with Aeromaster décal. It's the plane of Lt Santa Maria in 1916.

Hi-tech Nieuport 17 Bis

Nungesser's plane from Escadrille N 65 Dunkerque St pol 1917 June.

Hit is Hi-tech fuselage and the remaining parts are from the Eduard kit.

Eduard Nieuport 17

The Eduard kit. It's the first version of Ni 17. The upper center wing, visit trap of fuselage are not similar. I seen a draw and picture in the French book to "Rene Dorme et Joseph Guiguet The air war of two aces" (Marc Chassard).

Escarille N3 of René Dorme Cachy august 1916

Eduard Nieuport 17

The Eduard Kit. Escadrille N3 Adjudant René Dorme Cachy October 1916

Nieuport 24

The same kit of Hi tech to the Ni 17 bis. The difference with the 17 bis is the tail and horizontal tail surfaces. It's the plane of Sgt Augustin Charvat escadrille N 315 Belfort Chaux December 7 1917

Nieuport 24bis

The Nieuport 24 bis of escadrille N 97. Hi tech's kit

Nieuport 25

For change, I send you a pictures of a new Nieuport. The Ni 25 of Nungesser. It's the Hi Tech kit, a short run kit available in France. It took some work to get this kit. I had to be careful wilth the decals. A+ kit.

Nieuport 27

The Nieuport 27 of N 157. Hi Tech's kit

Nieuport 28

Kit: Roden (1:48)

Jean-Pascal says, "I send you some view of my Ni 28 to RODEN at 1/48. I'm not so happy to this kit and think to take an otherin futur. I prepar actuatly 3 Spad XIII an 2 Spad VII. I want do the Guiguet and Dorme plane for to finish my série, because It's impossible to find a Ni 10 and Caudron G3 and 4 (for Guiguet). But, don't be afraid, I prepar an other série of Nieuport... 11, 16 (Guiguet)and one 17, after I think stop this little série..."

Nieuport 16

Joseph Guiguet's NI 16 in progress. I've a problemwith the Le Prieur's rocket. I don't know where the electric cable arrive onthe fuselage.

René Dorme Cachy's Nieuport 16

The Nieuport 16 flown by René Dorme Cachy July 1916. The Eduard's Kit

Nieuport 16 escadrille N 95

escadrille N 95, flown by Joseph Guiguet during Le Prieur rockets test flight at Le Bourget April 1915

Nieuport 21

Nieuport 21 Alexabder N Seversky Naval air station Oesel Island October 1917

Nieuport 21

Nieuport 21 Sgt Raoul Lufbery Escadrille Lafayette octobre 1917

Nieuport 21

Nieuport 21 Jaan m Mahlapu 12 th Fighter detachment winter 1917

Nieuport 23

The Nieuport 23 flown by Edouard Cormiglion Molinier escadrille N561 Venise, summer 1917. Eduard' kit.

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