Terry Lubka's Pictures of 1/72 Scale Models Used for Wargaming

Terry Lubka ( tlubka@pathcom.com ) sent the following new photos of his groups Blue Max games. His comments follow:
Images of a campaign game Terry ran recently:

More recent photos from Terry:

My friends and I have experimented with a campaign game for Blue Max. Here are some shots you can add to the rest of my photos on your website if you wish.

I decided to not go the mounting route as everyone else did on this website by using tubes through the fuselages and alligator clips. In my brainstorming I discovered a tool mail order supply company that sells very strong "rare earth" magnets. These magnets are about the size of a watch battery and easily fit in the fuselage of the aircraft. I then found a telescopic tool recover device that has a magnetic pivoting head. The base of these devices conveniently have a threaded hole which allows you to attach it vertically to a hex shaped wooden base. The magnets are so strong that I haven't had an aircraft fall off. I've even made a base that has 3 of these telescopic devices so that in those instances where more than 1 aircraft ends up in the same hex they can easily occupy the same space. My playing surface is simply a canvas drop sheet spray painted in 2 shades of green with the trench area spray painted brown. I then painted in the "trench lines". By using a fine tip black marker I created the hex grid by tracing them out with a wood template the same size as my aircraft bases.

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