Central Powers Models
by Gabriel Limón

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Aviatik Berg D.I

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

The Aviatik Berg D I from the 1/48th Flashback kit. I replaced the kit engine with one of the nice Karaya resin Austro-Daimler 200 h.p. engines. Unfortunately, it's completely enclosed. The unusual camo scheme was done using Americals decals, which I thought would be much harder to do. As it turned out, they were quite easy to apply. It required quite a bit of patience however. The wire wheels were much harder to do, and in the end I wasn't too satisfied with the way they turned out. I used the Ja-Po book extensively as a reference, as well as the Datafile.

The Ja-Po profile shows different colors for the loz camo, and the few photos are not so distinct. This was at times an enjoyable build, at others I wondered why I did this.

Ulrich Neckel's Aircraft

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

The two planes are from the photo taken of J.12 at Toulis, they were flown by Ulrich Neckel. Both are Eduard 1/48, finished with a variety of paint brands. They were both built pretty much OOB, although I did add some more details to the DV cockpit. I used a combination of kit decals, Aeromaster and Americals.

Pfalz D.XII

Kit: WingNutWings (1:32)

WingNutWings Pfalz D.XII 1/32. The plane is done as post war captured craft turned over to the allies. The decals are Pheon and are very easy to use. Otherwise it is strictly OOB. Since there is only one picture of this aircraft in a pretty shabby state there's much room for almost any interpretation. Parts of this model are pretty much "fall together," but the rigging is bit of a chore. No wonder German ground crews liked working on the Fokker D.VII over the Pfalz.

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