Central Powers Aircraft Model Images
by Frederic Liefferinckx

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DML Fokker D.VII

The motor is a copper state production,the exhaust come from an eduard albatros(reworked, to long for a fokker)i added some part on my model 1-some louvre on the motor panel. 2-one circular door at each side. 3-reworked the radiator. 4-one access panel on the underside fuselage. the cross come from a aeromaster decal sheet, the red marking is painted with acrylic color from gunze and aeromaster, this aircraft show a Fokker DVII from the 43 jasta (windsock fokker anthologie part2 on the page54 pictures J43-7 and J43-8) i don't know if the wings was red but some aircraft in the jasta 43 come from the jasta 18.

Fokker D.VII (early)

Kit: Roden (1:48)

Fokker early built from Roden with some extra work on cockpit,and some detail from a etched sheet from Part for the Mg,turnbuckles and control horn,the decal come from an Eagle strike sheet N°48 189,

Ltn. Josef Raesch's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

DML Fokker DVII that I converted in an early Alb built,to reproduce the plane of the Ltn. Josef Raesch of the jasta 43. The decals come from various sources: Eagle Strike for the lozange(48011) and a old Superscale decal sheet for the model marking. I used some parts (airscrew,wheels,exhaust) from an Roden kit, photoetched parts from the kit with some turnbuckles (Part S48-127), lacing and instrument faces from the Eduard production and Fokker DVII kit. The Dragon kit is a funny kit perhaps not the best but very pleasant to build.

DML Fokker E.V

Fokker E.V is a 1/48th Dragon with some etched part from a Eduard kit. The work on the Fokker is on the wing for the control surface, etched part in the cockpit and the decoration hand painting on a clear decal sheet (a snake attaking a rabbit).

Blue Max Halberstadt CL.II

The decoration was inspired by description of one aircraft discover by a belgian officer after the offensive of the belgian army during the last month of the war. the yellow marking has depicted in his personnal hand book. Unit?.... crew one killed the other escaped.....

Pflaz D.XII

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

Frederic writes:
i send you some pic of my work on the Special hobby DXII, the motor come from an old DML fokker kit, i have added some details in the cockpit,(some support,command cable,triggeron the stick,fuel pump,etc...) all cockpit is painted in grey,the spandau are a pure cross kit result,plastic part from Roden,some etched detail from CSM &Eduard, some wok on the undercarriage and on the aicraft front,the kit is painted in grey with all metal area paint in matt aluminium,i use vallejo paint(no. 801) on the radiatorwith light drybrush with aluminium

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