Allied Model Images
by Frederic Liefferinckx

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Hi-Tech Breguet 14

This is the Hi-Tech Breguet 14. The internal structure is scratchbuilt with styrene rod and copper. I have cut the nose of my kit and rebuild this with plastic card, the louvre in etched brass and the resin radiator. The SAM magazine is my instruction sheet for this work but now I work on the bomb door and the engine (if anybody have some drawing .....please help).

Toko Nieuport 11

This is the Toko Nieuport 11 kit. I used the PART photo-etched set on it.
For the under-carriage,I used the Strutz(orange color) and the part no. 20 & 24 from the etched sheet from PART.
For the Nie11 (Sheet no 72-097), I used part no. 17 and I reworked this elements with an sharpened tools.For the marking of my model I will try to reproduce an Nie 11 flow by Marzialle Cerruti.
I send a special thanks to my Sensei Philippe Spriesterbach for this challenge and the Toko kit, Alberto Casirati for his help about the color of the Macchi-Nie11.

Eduard Nie23

Nieuport 23 is a modification of the 1/48th Eduard Nieuport 17. For the Nieuport I have reworked some part (cowling, position of the weapon system, all the holes for the rigging was drilled).

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