Peter Leonard's Central Powers Models

This is my reworking of the Monogram Fokker D7. As well as the necessary corrections to the basic outline, most notably the wing section, I took the oportunity to rescale from 1/46 to 1/48 (a bad case of AMS) In the circumstances I figured it was easier to make the early version rather than the basic kit option, less detail to restore,so that's what I did. Lozenge is the old Microscale stuff and all other decals are from the spares box.

The model is not the Pachendale conversion, I'm much too much a tight-wad for that. This is scratch wings , radiators and header tank, everything else by Eduard. Not sure about the colour scheme, maybe it should have camouflaged wings, but I like it.

The Fokker Dr1 is from the Dragon DML 1/48 kit.

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