Peter Leonard's Models

The Farman F40 is in 1/48 and represents the aircraft flown by Jaquet and Robin, two crazy Belgians who used the thing as a FIGHTER!! Seemingly with enough success to be known as the "Flying Corsairs". Perhaps Batman and Robin would be more apt. The Model is entirely scratchbuilt in plastic card with florists wire tail booms and home cast wheels and gun.

The Sopwith Gordon Bennett Racer one for lovers of esoteric one-offs everywhere. Problem number one was to produce a drawing. The model was then a fairly straight forward scratchbuild to 1/48 scale. There is an Aeroclub engine in there, but for what can be seen I might as well have used a shirt button.

The Snipe is a conversion of the SMER 1/48 Sopwith Camel.

Caudron G3 is a 1/48th scratchbuilt.

Airco Dh5 is also a 1/48th scratchbuilt.

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