Nieuport 11
by Jim Landon

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Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Jan 22, 2006

In August of 2005 it was suggested by my friend Chris Savaglio that I take a break from the 1:16 Model Expo Nieuport 28 and build this plastic kit that was sitting in my small stash. I was supposed to build it straight out of the box as a change of pace from doing research and trying to correct kit problems. But I didn't even get past step one of the instructions before AMS kicked in. After doing the little dab of work shown here I began asking questions about what instruments the Nie 11 had, and did it really have an actual instrument panel like the kit does. As always, members of this website fell over themselves to answer my questions. Meanwhile I went back to the 1:16 Model Expo Nieuport 28. As of 1-22-06 I never went back to this kit. Some day I will. Maybe.

March 11, 2008

This model sat idle while I finished the 1:16 Nieuport 28, which now resides at the museum. Work on this 1:48 Nie 11 model finally resumed in fits and spurts around the end of 2007, by looking into photo-etched wire spoked wheels and instruments for the Nie 11. As of 3-11-08 I am almost ready to finally close the fuselage. Working at 1:48 has been a huge change from 1:16.

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