Lyle Lamboley's Models

The following pictures are of Lyle Lamboley's models. For more information, Lyle can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:
This is the Dragon Fokker E.V painted in the colors of an unknown pilot of Jasta 36.
Lozenge decals are Eagle Strike 4-color, which went on nicely, finished with a coat of Future brushed on. I used Polly-S Fr. Fok. Dark Green for the wing, subwing, struts and access hatch---all coated with Future as well. The Oberursel was painted steel and weathered with a wash of brown to simulate baked-on castor oil. The prop was painted with a base of 1/2 Polly-S Rust and 1/2 USSR Lt. Earth Br., and the darker laminations simulated with a drybrushing of Fr. Chestnut Brown. The cowling's blue was Model Master FS 35183 Bright Blue. I really enjoyed this project owing to its simplicity. There are a few things left to do such as the control cables for the elev/rudder, but that's for later.

DML 1/48 kit, built SOB and using acrylic, latex, and Xtracolor. I used a more "wet" method to apply the streaks, since I wanted a blended look. I used the prop from the Fokker D.VII DML kit since it replicated nicely the Heine prop used on this particular triplane.
The Oberursel was painted steel color, then given a wash of actual castor oil. The drippings on the axle wing are very convincing. The markings are those of Ltn.d.R. Paul Hoffmann of Jasta 12, from the series of pics taken on the Ides of March, 1918.

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