Scott King's 1/72nd Models

The following pictures are of Scott King's models. For more information, Scott can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:
This is the standard 1/72 scale Eduard kit. I scraped off the interior framing and replaced it with stretched sprue. The plywood panels are Superscale decal sheet, the control stick, seat belts, and MG jackets are PE robbed from other kits. Steps, grab handles, compass mount and a few other items scratch built.

Photo kindly supplied by Dave Knights of the Military Modelers Club of Louisville.

The kit is the old Revell Fokker EIII. The fuselage, wing and rudder were reshaped in plan and profile to match the Datafile drawings, and all the ribbing was sanded off and replaced with stretched sprue. The cowling was thinned down and the engine reworked, and all metal areas were skinned with foil from chewing gum wrappers, and embossed with dremel pointed eraser (by hand). Replaced all struts with brass strip and rod. Mostly scratchbuilt interior, Fotocut Spandau, and hand carved prop from laminated 1/64" ply. Rigged with .004" monofilament. The markings are for a K.u.K. Marine Fokker flown by Gottfried Banfield, illustrated in the AH Aces of WWI book.

All photos are by my brother, Steve King.

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