Michael Kendix's Sopwith Strutter Models

This is Toko's 1/72nd scale single seat bomber, Sopwith 1.B.1 "1 1/2 Strutter". The kit comes with a choice of decals, including the French "Snake-dragon", however, I used the "Swan" decals remaining from the Flashback kit I had built previously. Also left over from said kit were the photoetch fuselage parts that in the real thing were used to cover the area surrounding the rear seat placement. Aside from that and some lead foil for seat belts, the kit is built from the box. Poly Scale's "French Beige" was used for the clear doped linen (CDL) fuselage and flying surfaces, Tauro wood decal for the forward fuselage decking and the rigging was constructed from .005" stainless stel wire. Some fuselage detail was lost during the sanding and puttying process, and this was replaced with painted decal paper to give the paper some thickness, itself then painted over in the CDL colour. In general, this kit is quite decent and for the price is hard to beat.

This is the 1/72nd scale Eduard/Flashback single seater Sopwith "Strutter" 1.B1. Everything is out-of-the-box except for the cabane struts, which I had to scratch build because the ones in the kit did not fit. Whether this was due to an error on my part or the kit's defect, I do not know. The paints are all water-based acrylics - either Polyscale or Model Masters, except for the aluminum on the propeller, which is an enamel from Humbrol. The PC10 is British Dark Earth and the CDL underneath is "Dirty White". This is a first rate kit and I recommend it.

The Sopwith Strutter is Eduard's 1/72nd scale kit, straight out-of-the-box. The CDL was mixed using Model Master "Sand" with a touch of yellow and about one fifth dark Earth mixed in. The model is finished with Model Master flat clear coat. The model shown is the French version; the kit provides a choice of RFC or French, with an associated choice of top wing, engine, gun ring and decals.

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