Michael Kendix's French Models

This Farman F-40bis is built from a Roseplane's 1/72nd scale vacuform kit. The vac parts - wings, nacelle and tail parts are all crisp, well detailed and a decent thickness. The resin parts include the radiator, exhaust, Lewis gun, propeller, wheels and seats. The boom, landing, tail skid and rigging supports on the upper wing and tail are made from plastic rod. The struts are carved from bamboo chopsticks. This is my first vacuform kit and I recommend it highly.

This is Toko's Nieuport 11c Bébé in 1/72nd scale. The colour scheme is from the "Nieuports In Action" publication. I used coloured decal paper for the edging (dark brown) and the Italian tricolour. I had some difficutly with the tail rigging, which passes through the horizontal tail piece but is at an incorrect angle. Regardless, this is a fine, affordable kit.

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